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We buy bamboo anywhere in the United States!



The first step is to harvest the bamboo. This is generally done with manual labor using a hoe, chainsaw, and other hand tools.



During harvest we will provide a truck to load the bamboo onto. Simply load the harvest on the truck and we take care of the rest!

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Upon reaching our processing facility, your harvested bamboo will be weighed, and you will get paid!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money is my bamboo worth?

To answer this we need more information which we gather once you complete the form above. This depends on many variables and we do our best to facilitate the highest price for all of our partners.

What happens after I complete the form?

One of our representatives will contact you to learn more about your bamboo. After that, we wil visit your property and give you an estimation for how much it's worth.

Is there a minimum amount of bamboo I need to sell?

Generally, we require a minimum of one acre of bamboo. However, if you have less we encourage you to still fill out the form because we also consider the weight after harvest. Keep in mind, you might have a 1/2 acre grove nearby another 1/2 acre grove. We could harvest both and make you and your neighbor some money!

What if I cannot harvest the bamboo?

No problem! We have a harvesting crew available to travel to your property.

Do you really buy bamboo anywhere in the USA?


I want to plant more bamboo!

Awesome! Please visit www.onlymoso.com to learn more.

Ask about our grove management service

We can provide recommendations and grove management services to increase the yield of your bamboo. This will result in increased profits!

When will you buy my bamboo?

OnlyMoso USA is currently purchasing edible shoots for food products in VA, SC, NC, GA, AL, and FL, expanding into MS, LA, and TX. We are also setting up a processing facility and coordinating logistics to begin accepting timber and biomass harvests in late 2021 or early 2022.

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